Dawn, 56 (Top 100 Worldwide CrossFit Master's Athlete)

"KJ’s puts so much thought into his well rounded individual programming. Each week of programming consists of overall strength training, gymnastics, cardio/conditioning, and olympic lifting. I have seen improvements in all these areas, and I’m very thankful for his thoughtfulness, knowledge, passion for the sport, & for his love of coaching. I highly recommend."

Spencer, 27 (CrossFit Athlete)

I’ve worked with Kenny Provost and followed jis programming for nearly the past two years. Throughout that time Kenny has tirelessly worked with me to create proramming and content that is custom fit to my goals and needs. That personal touch is huge, especially considering my constantly shifting schedule. 

With his help I’ve become fitter, stronger, and more comfortable in lifting positions than I’d ever dreamed.

Amy, 36 (Fitness Enthusiast and Challenge Seeker)

Kenny is great to work with! Kenny takes the time to listen to you and what you want from your workouts. The workouts aren’t super long and tedious. I would recommend the RTB Team to anyone looking for a coaches who truly care about you.

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Alisa, 44 (Mom, CrossFit Athlete)

I started working with RTB Perform because I wanted to do a little extra work to get my first pull-up and be more competitive in group classes. Now I work with RTB perform because I want to be more competitive in the sport of Crossfit. Kenny takes time to know and understand my changing goals and tailors the programming to my individual needs and schedule. This is particularly important to me as an older working Mom trying win at life as well as in the gym.

Kenny takes time to assess my performance and gives me specialized programming designed to maximize my strengths and fill in the gaps. I love working with Kenny because he reads his athletes well and gives us the style of coaching that works for us. He pushes me but is also very encouraging which I need because I am already tough enough on myself!