Change is a dynamic and constantly evolving experience.

 Humans naturally involve some ambivalence, even resistance to new ideas, thoughts, or concepts.

We know that change can threaten our safety net and security.

It forces us to confront things we don’t necessarily want to, and

we’re compelled to build new skills and perform new tasks-- 

 or try things we might fail at. 

Change can challenge our current beliefs and self-identity.

And the process of change can elicit excitement, even fear, and possibly bravery, and we know 

that in the end, this can be a good thing.

And if what we’re currently doing isn’t working, 

we accept that change can be, and most often is, the solution.



Rock the Boat, confront change, get uncomfortable, learn new skills, try new ideas, excite your mind and your body, risk failure, embrace the current, get back up and succeed!

You’re not alone in the process.

If you are facing change,

 RTB Performance is here to help you along the way.

Kenny Provost

Being a lover of fitness began at a young age,

from competitive powerlifting, strongman, a dedicated football career, and CrossFit, there seems to be few sports that equally reflect the desire, time, and dedication that fitness sports display on the podium or at the top of any meet. 

Who is willing to put the time in. Who is willing to discipline their mind. Who is willing to spend lonely, dark hours with nothing but your thoughts to keep your company and the barbell.

During those moments, you're only competing against yourself. 

YOU is your most greatest counterpart.

These moments haven't always been successful.

I've lost to my cravings, my urges, the persuasion to do what was 'cool.'

I've seen hard work turn to minimal reward because I wasn't fully invested in the prize.

I've learned that a poor diet can derail any sort of positive results.

I've seen the scale reach over 100 lbs. overweight.

I've seen health markers reach nerve-racking levels,

sleep dwindle due to apnea and anxiety...

All the while, being a collegiate athlete.

It has been a dream come true to bring fitness to my story, life, occupation, heart, and to have the opportunity to bring others along to share these experiences with.

I get to share what I've learned with athletes and various fitness enthusiasts. From coaching record breaking powerlifters to endurance athletes and top level CrossFit athletes, to people of all different backgrounds, ages, shapes and sizes. In the gym. In the kitchen. On the competition floor.

The journey is far from over, and I'm blessed to a part of the RTB Team.

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Sammi Gentile

Being an athlete has always been a big part of my life. Growing up in a small town there was very little to do, other than spending my days at the park or in the gym. 


Throughout High School and College Athletics I was never given the proper tools and knowledge on how to lead a healthy lifestyle. As a female athlete, nutrition was never a subject that was talked about. 

I was never worried about my performance in the gym, more so of how I looked and felt about myself and what others thought of me.

I tried quick fixes, low-fat diet, intermittent fasting, and then the low-carb diet.

 I did successfully lose weight during these quick fixes, but always ended up gaining the weight back and sometimes even more.  


Nothing seemed to work, make me feel better about myself, or was sustainable.  


The world of fitness brings some pretty amazing people into your life, that make an incredible impact.


I found CrossFit in 2016 and fell in love with the sport. 


I was introduced to tracking my macros through a friend and fellow nutritionist. 

It has been something that is sustainable, that has allowed freedom in what I eat, it’s provided me with the education of what is in the food I put in my body, and helped my performance in the gym by properly fueling my body. All while keeping me energized, recovered, and ready for my love of fitness and adventures. 


Still I felt like something was missing. 

In 2018 I had the opportunity to pursue my CF-L1 and began coaching CrossFit.  

I became interested in nutrition coaching and received my Nutrition Certification through Precision Nutrition 

I finally found that missing piece that I had been searching for, my actual passion for helping people lead their healthiest lives.



I believe my passion for helping others is what has lead me here. I love helping people perform well in the gym; but really get the most out of helping people step out of their comfort zone, getting to witness that moment when it clicks during a gymnastics movement or lift, standing with someone as they regain a better relationship with food, and being there as someone becomes comfortable in their own skin. 

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